These are the official 3D Super Mario Wiki standards. They should be followed directly. These guidelines (rules) are mostly aimed at the Administrators of Super Mario 3D Wiki.

User-related troublesEdit


Under no circumstance should vandalism be tolerated. The 3D Super Mario Wiki is not a billboard for graffiti to be plastered on.

Dealing with vandalismEdit

Undo the edit on the page, then issue a warning. If that user continues to vandalize the wiki, issue a last warning. If the vandal then continues to vandalize the 3D Super Mario Wiki, block them for up to a year. When they return, watch them for vandalism and other oddities. If vandalism continues, block them indefinitely.


This is an infamous trick on most wikis used to trick other users into thinking that the original user is someone else. This trick can be used for block evasion and trolling.

Dealing with sockpuppetingEdit

Ban the sockpuppet and issue a last warning to the sockpuppeter. An alternative is to block both the sockpuppeter and the sockpuppet.


A form of vandalism, can be told apart from vandalism because it is usually aimed at user talk pages. Don't confuse it with flaming/personal attacks.

Dealing with trollingEdit

Issue a warning to the troll. Continued/excessive trolling will be met with an indefinite ban.

Flaming/personal attacksEdit

Unlike trolling, flaming (also known as personal attacking) is played out when a user swears, makes a disruptive remark or anything found offensive at a user.

Dealing with flaming/personal attackingEdit

Warn the flamer/attacker. Continued flaming/personal attacking will result in an indefinite ban.

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