Goomba as seen in his current appearance

Goombas are the most common enemies throughout the Super Mario series and are the most vulnerable and can be found in almost all installments of the Super Mario games.

Super Mario 64Edit

In Super Mario 64, they act like they do in all other 3D Mario games. They chase Mario and can be defeated with a stomp. Giant and small ones appear in Tiny-Huge Island and are similar in attacks.


Other than a visual makeover, they have been given a king that they prevoiusly had in Paper Mario, the Goomba King, known as Goomboss in this game. See his page for details.

Super Mario GalaxyEdit

In this game, they return with no changes. In Super Mario Galaxy, they return with giant Goombas and possibly Galoombas. The possible Galoombas are faster and always drop a coin. Only one giant Goomba exists in this game and is slower. it drops a key once defeated. A different Goomba that appears is an Octoomba, which lunges at Mario. Astro Goombas also debut. They are Goombas wearing iron helmets that have to be flipped over.

Super Mario Galaxy 2Edit

Goombas look and act like like in the predecessor. Additionally, giant Paragoombas appear. Octoombas now have a new subspecies. Elite Octoombas shoot 3 rocks. Speaking of rocks, Octoombas now shoot rocks. Otherwise, all Goomba enemies reappear.